Dear Musicians,

We live in an age when words like ”market” and ”trend” sadly gain more and more weight in the world of violinmaking; We witness the emergence of ”serial instruments”, made in large numbers, all identical and deprived of acoustical and visual personality, at lower and lower prices, made by who knows who and sold under ”market-friendly” names. Remaining faithful to the highest artistic and technical aspects of construction according to the old tradition is sustained today only by passion, dedication and honest love for this craft.

   A trained violinist myself besides violinmaker, I felt and became convinced of the special and unrivaled charm that old instruments from northern Italy have. Those instruments are the fruit of creativity, dedication and research of clever craftsman who worked day by day in refining these objects of art and function. In order to try to achieve high levels of mastery we must stay loyal to the same principles of creation as the craftsmen of the past.

Hundreds of hours of work and effort for each instrument are needed in order to emulate the rigors and methods we today name ”classical violinmaking”. For me it is a privilege to walk on this path and add my humble contribution; to offer something of value to all those who, in return, offer their trust in my ability.

   Heaving instruments by Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri, Montagnana, Guadagnini, Bergonzi, Gagliano in my hands to play and admire were some of the most intense moments in my early career as a violinist. Now, after years of study and research in the field of violinmaking, I offer my full dedication in recreating the spirit, charm and function of those instruments that I had the great privilege to encounter. I work alone, making 4-5 instruments every year.  I travel far and wide to find the oldest and best possible tonewood available today, as well as cooking my very own oil varnishes based exclusively on historical recipes; I wish to have the occasion to prove to you the ability that a new instrument build in this manner can offer, as there is nothing more imprecise than the phrase ”all new instruments sound the same”. Musicians of the highest level and reputation are owners of instruments made by me, confirming that today we can create instruments of consistent capabilities, if we follow and respect what our ancestors taught us.

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