Viola 39.5 after Anselmo Bellosio 2018

Viola 39.5 after Anselmo Bellosio 2018

Although much sought-after and very expensive, violas by the Venetian maker Anselmo Bellosio (1743-1793) rarely represent inspiration for modern makers and it is indeed unfortunate. This small viola model works wonderfully. Arching type, consistent rib height, tonewood choice and solid, robust workmanship give it the character to stand out even among larger violas. A wonderful instrument, currently available for sale.

After Pietro Guarneri of Mantua – 2018

Violin after Pietro Guarneri of Mantua 2018

A very interesting model that works wonderfully. Discreetly wider and shorter than a Strad, the model of Pietro Guarneri of Mantua (Giuseppe ”del Gesu”’s uncle) can give plenty of resources, both in power and warmth. Sound-wise, this high-arched violin is quite flamboyant and has a compact, pregnant and incisive sound, with characteristic ”guarnerian” warmth. This violin is made outside my commission list. Available for sale.

Antonio Stradivari model, 2018

Violin after Antonio Stradivari 2018

One of the few non-antiqued violins from my workshop, made in the winter of 2017-18. Very warm sound and very well balanced. A gentle brown color oil varnish, slightly darker than shown in the photos. This violin is currently available for sale.


Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ model, 2018

Violin after Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ 2018

This violin is made on the pattern of the “”Il Cannone”” Guarneri del Gesu of 1743. I chose a 50 year old alpine maple back and an italian top plate from Val Di Fiemme, with similar year growth as the original Del Gesu. Orange-red oil varnish, applied according to traditional wear patterns – but no scratches or other aggressive wear. Available for sale.

Violin – model Guarneri del Gesu ”Cannone” 1743 – 2017

Violin after Guarneri ”del Gesu” 2018

An exceptionally beautiful and very old back with a similar aged-top, both from the Alps. Orange-brown oil varnish. Property of a Soloist and concertmaster in Northern Europe. Please click on the photos for a better view.

Violin after A.Stradivari – 2016

Inspired after Stradivari’s golden period instruments; Narrow curled Alpine Maple and Italian Spruce. Oil Varnished. SOLD



Violin 2017 model Guarneri del Gesu ”Cannone” 1743

Violin made on the pattern of “Il Cannone” ex-Paganini Guarneri del Gesu violin. A robust construction as the original, this violin has substantial sound power and great temperament – a violin suited for soloist performance and firm hands, equally capable of gentle and soft play. Exceptional maple and italian spruce, oil varnished. SOLD.

Baroque violin 2017 – model D.Montagnana

Violin made on the pattern of 1717 Domenico Montagnana, Baroque mounted. SOLD

A. Stradivari copy – 2017

Modelled after Stradivari 1716. SOLD

1731 A. Stradivari copy – 2016


Interesting late model by Stradivari used for much of his 1720-30 output. This violin is currently on loan.



Violin 2015 model Guarneri del Gesu ”Il Cannone” 1743

After “Il Cannone” ex-Paganini Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ of 1743. An instrument that already has a mature sound, being played for two years, on loan to a musician in Switzerland. Currently available for sale in my shop.