Ordering an instrument from me is simple and straight-forward. We start with a discussion about your needs and preferences; we speak about particular voice characteristics you prefer in your instrument in great detail. We also discuss visual characteristics like wood flame type for instance, varnish type, color and finish (antiqued or not). It is also very useful mentioning the sound or looks of a particular famous instrument you like.

It takes about 100 working days to finish a violin, a little more for a viola, and about half a year for a cello. The drying time of the varnish can add or take a notable number of days.

For violins I don’t ask for a deposit, unless the musician has very special preferences (baroque mounted, special size, rare model, unique wood, etc). For Violas I ask 10% deposit and for Cellos 20%. The deposit is exclusively used for covering costs of raw materials and the instrument’s accessories. at the same time, secures the client’s order and first option towards the respective instrument. Please inquire for further details.

After I finish the instrument we agree on a trial time if needed. My instruments need little time to prove their potential and qualities to the musician; a period of 2 weeks at most is every time sufficient. All of my instruments are ready for concert performance in less than 10 days after I string them up for the first time. They develop substantially in the first year and it continues many more years after, if the instrument is played and taken care of.

If a trial is requested outside the EU, I must ask for a full payment of the instrument before it leaves my shop with the guarantee that if the buyer decides to return it in the same state, a complete refund is guaranteed.

In recent years, demand for my work has steadily increased, yet I do my best to keep the waiting time to a minimum while maintaining the highest standard of service I can offer.

My current prices are as follows, all taxes are included:

Violins 10000-11000 Eur

Violas 11500-12500 Eur

Cellos 18000-20000 Eur

For baroque instruments: the prices listed above for violins, violas and celli are identical; For Viola da Gamba prices please inquire. We discuss about your desired type of instrument and then I propose you a price depending on size/model (flat back/arched back), materials and special finishes (decorated with intarsia/inlayed, painted, etc)

My instruments have price ranges due to different costs in materials and finish. The client can choose very rare and outstandingly beautiful wood, unique or special fittings and many more special features that influences the final cost in the given price range. We agree on all these aspects in preliminary discussions.

You will also receive a written Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate written by the maker himself is considered definitive both in auction houses or private sales.

I also offer Lifetime warranty for the sounding quality of my instruments, as long as they don’t suffer major structural damage such as serious cracks or outside intervention on my original structural/internal work.

All my instruments, including the earliest ones I made many years ago are getting better with time. After the instrument is finished, we will stay in contact for many years to come, monitoring the instrument’s evolution.